FARMACY Clean Bee Facewash and Green Clean Makeup Removing Balm

Why I Double Cleanse

Cleansing is that step in skincare where the cleansing product needs to have a perfect balance – it should clean what needs to be cleaned off your facial skin, but needs to leave the skin barrier supple and unharmed.

I am sure all of us have sometimes been too harsh on our skin and “scrubbed” and tugged it “squeaky clean” – but I have learned my lesson, now that I am (definitely) older and (kind of) wiser. What the skin needs is to be cleansed of the makeup, SPF, oils and debris accumulated throughout the day, but not be stripped of the moisture and suppleness that it naturally contains.

Which brings me to the topic of this blog post – Double Cleansing. In the last few years I have found that double cleaning is the best method to achieve this balanced objective of washing the face clean while being gentle.

What is Double Cleansing: It is a two-step face wash process, which involves the following:

Step 1 – Oil cleansing: This step involves gently massaging an oil/balm type of cleanser on to dry skin, and the oil in the cleanser will break down the sunscreen, and the makeup very easily. You then emulsify the oil on the face with a few drops of water and then wash it all off. This oil cleanser will remove the oil based layers on the face without harming the skin.

Step 2 – Mild Cleanser: Now that the sunscreen and/or makeup is off the face, you use a mild cleanser which is the usual face-wash step. The important thing to note is that the facewash should be of a low pH (which is the pH of the skin), and should contain no harsh ingredients. This will ensure that the skin is not stripped off of its natural moisture barrier.

I always double cleanse because there is not a single day where I don’t apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is the most absolute essential step of my morning routine. Hence, to effectively take off the sunscreen at the end of the day, I use the 2-step cleansing routine and have found it to be the best method to do this step.

My favourite brand for both the steps right now is Farmacy. They have clean, vegan products created using key ingredients from their own organic farm. Read on for the review of some lusciously beautiful products.

Disclaimer: I have purchased these products on my own and I am not being compensated for this review. Reviews and opinions are personal. Please patch test any new product that you try to ensure that you will not have any adverse reaction to the ingredients in any product.

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm | C$45.00 for 90 ml

This is a beautiful, fresh, and light green hued cleansing balm which instantly melts on the skin and removes all the sunscreen and makeup residue. The texture is light like a souffle, and silken on the skin.

FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm texture

It is a pure treat to use this on the skin – smells like key lime pies to me (yum!), and is effective at removing the oil based elements from the skin without leaving behind any oily residue of the product itself. I have used this product over my eyes and it doesn’t sting the eyes, and it is effective in taking off mascara and dark coloured makeup.

FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Removing Balm in action

This is literally everything that you can expect from an ideal oil-based cleanser. You only need a tiny pea sized amount of the balm when using it, so the 90 ml tub will last you a long time. The packaging is also very beautiful and handy to use with a little spoon to scoop out the product. Suprising to me was the fact that this product is made in Korea – no wonder the formula is so good!

FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm

The formula is vegan and free of any sulfates, and key ingredients include Sunflower and Ginger Root Oils, Turmeric and Moringa Extract, and Papaya Enzymes. I love this cleansing balm – the formula, texture, fragrance, and efficacy is all just perfect. This cleansing balm has also received rave reviews from the beauty community everywhere so this is a superstar product that has worked for many different skin-types!


Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser | C$37.00 for 150ml

This cleanser literally looks like delicious honey in a bottle. This facewash is beautifully mild, and soft on the skin. There is no, absolutely no feeling of dryness after you wash your face with this cleanser. The  honey fragrance in this is mild, and the texture is also non-sticky and very silky.

FARMACY Clean Bee Facial Cleanser

The packaging is so smart and sleek – it has a pump type bottle which locks easily with an anti-clockwise flick. I have also traveled with this cleanser and it gave me no issues since it locks so nicely.

FARMACY Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser

The main ingredient of this cleanser is Farmacy’s Echinacea GreenEnvy™ Honey which is a special honey that is made by the bees that live on the Farmacy farm by pollinating echinacea flowers. It also consists of Hyaluronic Acid which ensures that the hydration in the skin is not compromised, and a botanical Blend of Turmeric, Licorice Root, Chamomile, Aloe, And Calendula which is what makes this a very soothing cleanser. What it doesn’t contain is any of the harmful sulfates or nasties as foaming ingredients which is perfect. The pH of this cleanser is also low, which makes it a perfectly mild cleanser.

You only really need half a pump of this cleanser to wash the face after oil cleansing from step 1.

FARMACY Clean Bee Facewash and Green Clean Makeup Removing Balm

The Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm and Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser make for a great power-couple for the night time face wash routine. Farmacy products are available on their website as well as on Sephora, and hence are easily accessible in North America.

Some other products that I have used and loved for the 2-step cleansing routine:

Step 1 oil-based cleansers:

  • Heimish cleansing balm reviewed here.
  • Purity Micellar Water reviewed here.


Step 2 facewash:

  • Soon Jung Cleanser purchased from YesStyle.
  • Forest Essentials Mashobra honey cleanser reviewed here.


Hope you found this review and the technique useful! Please feel free to leave me any questions or recommendations in the comments!

Wish you glowy and supple skin!




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