Forest Essentials Bath and Shower Oil Honey and Vanilla

Forest Essentials – Huge Haul and First Impressions (Part 2)


I picked up some tempting goodies from Forest Essentials, and decided to share what I purchased and my first impressions with these products.

I split up my haul into two parts as there were a lot of products, and I didn’t want to make the post too long! Check out part one by clicking here which will open the post on a separate page.

Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil in Honey & Vanilla (US $26 | Rs. 1,675)

Forest Essentials Bath and Shower Oil Honey and Vanilla

This was love at first sniff! I was not planning on buying anything like this, but I sampled it and fell head over heels for its beautifully sweet and enchanting fragrance. I have a soft spot for fragrance, and this post shower oil is pure delight. The body oil contains cold-pressed water soluble essential oils which melt into your skin to keep it hydrated.

First Impression: I am in love, enough said. A little goes a long way with this body oil. I apply on towel dried/still damp skin, and my skin just absorbs it. I am smelling delicious all day – like the sweetest honey mixed with the loveliest vanilla. I go over once again in pulse point areas of neck and arms. It’s not too moisturizing for the harshest winter months, but won’t be a problem in the springtime. I just wish it came in a fuss free packaging with a pump or a dropper. All said and done, if you want to truly understand why I am making a huge deal out of it, please sample this product in a fragrance of your choice at the store! Just do it!

Under Eye Serum – Red Banana Flower & Potato Starch (US $34 | Rs. 2,200)

Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum

Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum Texture

I have dark circles under my eyes and discolouration on my nose bridge due to years of wearing glasses as a student. I picked up this under eye serum as I wasn’t using anything of the sort currently. I found out later that it’s actually a part of FE’s men’s collection – haha!

First Impression: The packaging is very convenient dropper style, and you only need to use very little – just a drop – for the under-eye area. Although this serum is expensive, it is comparable to other high end serums available in terms of price, with very effective ingredients. The serum itself is lightly scented and runny in texture. I like the fact that it illuminates the under eye area upon application – it has a bit of a gloss to it. I don’t expect the serum to completely eliminate my deep set under eye darkness, but I am hoping that continued usage of these amazing ingredients like banana flower (helps in brightening), coffee bean (helps in de-puffing and lightening), papaya (active ingredient to help with smoothing and brightens), and potato starch (bleaching and reducing darkness) will help to lighten the problem area.

Update: I wanted to post an update to using this serum because of the popularity of this post. It’s been 8 months since I have been using this. I just need to use 1-2 drops which is more than sufficient to cover under-eyes, and I tend to rub off the excess on the sides of the mouth and in the chin area. I am loving it, and it has definitely smoothed and brightened my under eyes. I am too lazy to use it day and night, so I just add it at night. I have still not run out of it. It is worth the price and will last you a long time! There is a lot of product in here.

Facial Tonic Mist Bela (US $10 | Rs. 675)

Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Bela

Out of all the products I purchased, I was just not too sure about the effectiveness of floral water. I just wasn’t a “toner” person. However, the more I read and understand about skincare, the more I am convinced that this is an important step for skin prep. Bela flower is a type of jasmine, and is great for water retention for the skin.

First Impression: Apart from the fact that the Bela tonic mist smells beautiful, I do see the difference in my skin texture after application. Even though I don’t use harsh cleansers or scrubs on my face, a spray of floral water mist certainly adds back the moisture in your skin. The fresh scent is very mood uplifting as well. It’s one of those steps where you don’t realize what you’re missing until you start doing it. I will certainly continue to use a facial toner more regularly in my skincare regime from now on.

Hair Cleanser Amla, Honey & Mulethi (US $20 | Rs. 1,295)

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Amla, Honey, Mulethi

The hair cleansers were the latest offerings at the time when I was in store (January 2017). I picked up the Amla, Honey and Mulethi cleanser for my dry hair. These are all power packed ingredients which are amazing for the hair. I picked up the shampoo as it is SLS-free and chemical-free. I regret not buying the accompanying conditioner.

First Impression: The fragrance is really sweet and delicious once again – sweet honey and with a hint of tarty amla (gooseberry). The absence of harsh SLS makes it a little difficult to foam up, so you do miss the intensive foaming of a regular shampoo. However, the result is nice – clean and protected hair. I am not blown away but I have no complaints.

Here’s a list of links to all the products mentioned I’ve mentioned:

Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil in Honey & Vanilla

Under Eye Serum – Red Banana Flower & Potato Starch 

Facial Tonic Mist Bela

Hair Cleanser Amla, Honey & Mulethi

Check out part one by clicking here to see what else I picked up from Forest Essentials.

Also have a look at the latest blog post for a review of FE’s latest offerings – Rasa Activating Serum and Tejal Balancing Toner!

If you have tried any of the products I have picked up, or if you have any recommendations for me, then please do leave me a comment!

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Disclaimer: I have purchased all the products in this haul on my own, and I am not being compensated for my review. All opinions are personal and honest. When trying any product, if you are unsure about the results on your skin/body, then always get a sample first and do a patch-test.

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