YSL Mon Paris

Parisian Dream – YSL Mon Paris

I slept that night dreaming of the Eiffel tower, the Pont-des-arts, macaroons, the couture, and all those things that make up the charm of Paris. I dreamed of running in narrow Parisian alleys, breakfast that would charm you for days, flowers all around, love and intoxication in the air. Black-on-black like you’re casually so french, succulent strawberries that taste like first love, lace because it is ever-so-romantic, and sights and sounds and tastes which got me hypnotized as I experienced this dream. I awoke feeling like I just fell in love so hard and all-at-once. So still, yet high on a youthfulness that brings about a radiance. While I was still trying to get a hold on this ethereal experience, I held in my hand a bottle of fragrance and energy that truly encapsulated all this beauty of my Parisian dream – Mon Paris.

YSL Mon Paris

Where do I begin about YSL Mon Paris. I would describe it as not just a fragrance, but a whole sensation. It is a beautifully fruity and floral fragrance which instantly lifts your mood and makes you feel and smell youthful.

My First Impression and Subsequent Review

On my skin, the top notes that came through noticeably were those of strawberry and raspberry with a hint of floral sweetness. It mellowed down to a more sweet fragrance with a hint of tartness that indeed smells expensive!

YSL Mon Paris

From the YSL beauty website:

Olfactory Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot essence, Calone
Olfactory Notes: Pear flesh, Orange flower absolute, Jasmin Sambac absolute, White Peony, Datura
Olfactory Family: White Chypre
Families of Fragrance: Chypre / Patchouli

The fragrance is supposed to have that intoxicating feeling with the presence of datura flower. I am well-aware of this flower since the word is actually derived from hindi (dhatura) which is flower that is supposed to incite a state of delirium. YSL has masterfully used this flower in the Mon Paris fragrance to – in their words – induce a feeling of vertigo, much like the feeling of first love.

Although I don’t quite know of anyone who has gotten obsessed with me yet, but this fragrance has certainly won me a lot of compliments! I find Mon Paris to be subtle yet statement-making. It can be worn to the office, or to brunch with the girls, and of course in a romantic setting. The fragrance for me lasted for a decent 4-5 hours. I wish that it could last longer, given the price point, which is my small complaint with this fragrance.

YSL Mon Paris Bottle

The bottle itself is gorgeous beyond words – beautifully cut crystal design, topped off with a leather lavaliere, and the pink liquid sparkling through. It’s feminine while being edgy – much like YSL.

I would certainly recommend you to give Mon Paris a try – wear it for a day. If you find yourself constantly taking a whiff of its beautiful fragrance, then you know you’ve got yourself a keeper! It’s what happened to me with Mon Paris.

YSL Breakfast EventPS: I received this fragrance as a part of a gift bag thanks to Dave Lackie. He hosted a beauty-editor style breakfast with YSL for Mon Paris which I was truly grateful to attend. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter here if you are addicted to beauty like me.

I was not obligated to write this review – all opinions are my own, heartfelt, and honest. You can always expect this from my blog. Thank you for reading, beauty!


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