Elizabeth Arden Prevage Skincare Review

At the time of writing this, it has been a month since my first-ever attendance at the popular twitter beauty events hosted by Dave Lackie. People following me on social media would have seen my twitter and instagram updates at the time of the #ArdenBeauty event.


It was my privilege to attend the launch of Elizabeth Arden’s Liquid Assets and Prevage range of makeup and skincare products. The brand has launched some truly innovative and useful products for the woman on the move. In this post, I’ll be reviewing some products from the Prevage skincare range that I was grateful to receive as a part of the gift bag from the event. I have used them for over a month now. Please read on for the review.

Skin Renewal Booster


This clear serum needs to be first one applied to freshly washed face. The expected purpose of this serum is to prep the skin before you apply further face products. It is clear, slippy, and has a gel like texture, almost like a primer for skincare products.

The skin feels smooth and hydrated on application. All the other products applied on top feel like they’re applied better thanks to the smoothness of this base product. It is designed to renew the skin’s topmost layer, and repair any damages, for healthier skin over time.

I really love this product, and I feel it has improved the clarity of my skin over time.

Anti-aging Daily Serum


This is step two in the recommended skincare process of the Prevage range. The serum, like the enhancer, has a hydrating and smoothing effect. The serum has been designed to reduce sun’s damage on the skin, while giving it a collagen boost.

The star ingredient of the serum is Idebenone which is considered to be one of the most potent antioxidants on the market today. It has an orange colour, which gives this serum the same colour.

I did notice a gradual tightening effect on my skin. I do feel that the pores on my cheek look a lot smaller and tighter.

Prevage City Smart


This revolutionary product builds a protective layer on your skin. With spf 50 and environmental protection, this cream gives sun protection as well as protection against environmental aggressors which can dull the skin over time.

The cream has a fluid texture, and a colour which is supposed to work with all skin tones. On closer inspection, you can see golden glistening particles. These particles dissolve upon application onto the skin, adding a noticeable radiance to the skin.

One thing to note is that this cream, although coloured, does not provide any coverage to blemishes and uneven skin tone. You will require additional coverage through BB cream or foundation or so of your choice. However, it sits beautifully underneath makeup, and is great under every day makeup routine.

Special Mention: Skin Illuminating Retexturizing Pads

These pads, soaked with glycolic acid, essential oils, and amino acids provide a light peel effect. Use a pad on your face and neck, and then discard after each use. They are recommended to be used weekly for best results.

I used a skin illuminating pad on my face and neck at night, and let the formula soak in overnight. The effect on my skin in the morning was that my skin felt tight, and more even toned. I could definitely see a difference. One could get addicted to that feeling!

Since these exfoliating pads plough away the top layer of your skin to improve skincell turnover and reveal fresher skin, it is recommended that you limit sun exposure for a week and use sunscreen. For beginners to skin exfoliation via chemical peel, although skin exfoliating products are safe, I would recommend you to proceed with caution. Use your own discretion since everyone’s skin is different and has different needs and reactions to specific products.

Recommended tip: This type of exfoliating pads are usually soaked with a lot of product. You can use them not just on your face and neck, but you can also bring the pads down to your decolletage, and also on the back of your hands to give them some extra love. I use it sometimes on my feet and toes as well! You may have commonly heard/read to cut these pads in half to get double the use out of them. I would highly advise against it, since bathroom scissors may not be sterile, and you may end up doing damage to your skin.

Special Mention: Liquid Assets range

As a part of their new makeup collection, Arden launched a range of liquid lipsticks, liquid highlighter, and liquid liners.

I would absolutely recommend you to check them out – great quality, beautiful pigmentation, and long lasting wear.

Final thoughts

I like to keep my skincare simple and effective. My personal morning routine consists of the Skin Renewal Booster and the Prevage CitySmart. I will continue to use these products as a part of my morning skincare routine.

If there was only one product you’d be willing to try from the review, then I would say go for the City Smart. Protection against sun and pollution is something that absolutely needs to be incorporated in the skincare routine for all of us people on the go.

Check out the Elizabeth Arden skincare line at:

Elizabeth Arden website

Hudson’s Bay

If you have tried the Prevage line, or are intrigued to try it, do let me know your thoughts.



10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Prevage Skincare Review

    • travellingbeautyweb says:

      Glad you liked the review! Thank you for the comment. Prevage City smart is something that I was really impressed with. It’s unlike all those pasty sunscreens and actually wore quite well under makeup. If you can try a sample size then do give it a try!


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