Cityline Taping – Audience Experience

Cityline is one of Canada’s top daily shows, hosted by the lovable Tracy Moore. It is shot in front of a live audience. The audience tickets are free, however they are allotted months in advance. These tickets, allotted by a lottery system, are hard to come by. Especially so for Fashion Fridays, which is the most popular day of the show. Read on to find out about my experience as an audience member on the show!


I was extremely lucky to be invited to attend the Fall trends episode thanks to Dave Lackie, who is a regular favourite on the show. He showcases the season’s latest trends in beauty, skincare, and fragrance. His picks are always flawless, and he has a great eye for the best in beauty out there. He hosted some of his twitter followers on the morning of 2nd Sept to attend the taping of Cityline episode to be aired on 9th September.

The episode is live now! Watch it here:

You know I am seriously into this entire experience when I wake up at 4:30 am to get ready for the show! I had to be on the early bus to reach the taping by 9 am which was in downtown Toronto. Once we reached there, there was a bit of a wait to get in as Stan Lee was there too! Isn’t that so cool – he was in the studio for Breakfast Television to promote Comic Con. I caught a glimpse of him as he walked by, but unfortunately was not able to snap a picture in time. However, it was a successful celeb-spotting moment!

Once inside in the waiting area, we were graciously treated to a wonderful breakfast by Coty Prestige. Leave it to Dave and his team to be the most amazing hosts. This is not standard for everyday taping. This was a special episode which is why we were lucky to have such a delightful spread!


After a scrumptious breakfast, we clicked some fun pictures with the Cityline backdrop. Then we took our seats in the actual taping area. It was so exciting to be amongst all that energy. We were allowed to tweet, Instagram, and share as much as we wanted during the show! As you can imagine, the hashtag for the day which was #citylinebeauty was trending in Canada!

The show covered fall trends by Ann Taylor, and Marshalls. Loved how Lynn Spence styled the models. There was Fall style inspiration for every lady, no matter what your style preference. There was also a segment on Nivea skincare routine for your face before bedtime. Plus, as a part of the show’s routine segment, one audience member was given a makeover on the spot. You can volunteer to be given a makeover and you might just be the lucky one to get selected, just be prepared to have shorter hair!

There was also a live DJ, so in between the shots there was a lot of dancing and singing. It was truly a party like no other!

During Dave’s segment, he introduced some of the latest Fall beauty trends by YSL, Burberry, Clarins, Lancome, Teeez, and Mac. He also did a separate segment on fragrances, and introduced the season’s best picks by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Calvin Klein.

And in true Dave Lackie+Cityline style, the audience walked away with a gift bag valued at $1400+! That’s insanely generous – Lucky bunch of us who were there to experience it and receive this gift bag which was a record setting value on this show!

Here is what we received:


I am immensely grateful to have experienced this lovely morning, to be spoiled by so many goodies, and to meet such amazing people whom I can call my friends! Plus, as a special bonus, my smiling face was caught on camera along with (from left): Ophelia, Amanda, me, Sinthia. Little excitements of life.


After the show was over, we stayed back to have some pictures clicked with Tracy, Dave, and just randomly on the sets.

What I will take back with me are memories of an energetic morning, made so by the enthusiastic ladies who were excited to be there, all the hard work that goes into making just one episode, wonderful laughs with my friends, and will remember all of it each time I smell one of the delicious fragrances from the goody bag on me (which is every day)!

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If you’re interested to be a part of the show as well, you can get your tickets right here.

Watch all the Cityline episodes here: Cityline Website

Check out and follow Dave Lackie here: Twitter, Instagram, Website

Check out and follow Tracy here: Twitter, Instagram


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