Summer Loves – Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia #ArmaniJoy

Oh what a wonderful feeling it is, to finally articulate my love for my pride and joy that are Armani’s new fragrances. Please read on for my review of both the Air di Gioia,and the Sun di Gioia, which were launched very recently.

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Air di Gioia

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This fragrance, with its salt accord notes, is made to remind you of a walk on the beach, with the breeze in your hair..

Air di Gioia is as beautifully hypnotic as it sounds. With the notes of mandarin, pink peppercorn, orange blossom, peony, and powdery accents of patchouli and musk, this subtle and alluring fragrance sits wonderfully on the skin, and invigorates the sense of a summer evening walk on a calming beach each time you inhale its scent. I love how the mild hint of salt accord elevates the fragrance, adding that touch of something special, and perfectly encapsulating the beachy air in a bottle.


Sun di Gioia

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A sweet, solar fragrance, this is another Armani gem which is absolutely intoxicating. The sensation invoked by Sun di Gioia is that of being caressed by the sun – luminous, sweet, yet powerful. It is a splendid blend of sweet floral notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, and frangipani with the warm notes of coconut milk and vanilla.

When I wear the Sun di Gioia, I get the feeling of being sun-kissed in the most lovely way which makes me feel like I’m covered in a veil of luminous charisma. Very warm and feminine.

Which Is The One For You

If you are looking for a fragrance which exudes a sense of a breezy, laidback confidence, then Air di Gioia is the one for you.

If you more prefer a feminine and radiant scent, then go for the solar fragrance of Sun di Gioia.

As for me – I love them both, and would recommend both. The staying power of both the fragrances is 4-5 hours, which is quite impressive. I have even worn them layered, and the result is mesmerizing! These fragrances are going to continue well into Fall for me. My joys.


Let me know if you have tried the classic Acqua di Gioia, or the new elements – Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


PS: The one and the only – Dave Lackie was instrumental in creating a buzz about these perfumes, and also sharing the inspiring story of the man that is Giorgio Armani. It is so awe-inspiring that Mr. Armani has built his empire from the ground up! Dave’s recommendations are always flawless and when he recommended Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia, my interest was peaked! I was one of the fortunate winners of Dave’s famous giveaways, and won the Air di Gioia set! So grateful to him – he’s ever so generous, gracious, and a true connoisseur of fragrance, makeup, and skincare! You must follow him on social media, especially Twitter where he’s most active with his pro tips and recommendations, and with some superhuman power responds to his all followers’ queries and greetings! And did I mention he’s a giveaway machine?


8 thoughts on “Summer Loves – Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia #ArmaniJoy

  1. spacey says:

    Very nice for a first post. I also started my own new blog, so wanted to show my support – it’s hard to start.
    Your review is very informative, you made me want to try both of the perfumes. Keep going! 🙂


  2. Tanvi Naik says:

    First of all let me congratulate on your first blog. This was beautifully written and your description actually made me feel to purchase them ..

    I would prefer using Sun Di Gioia ..that’s now on my shopping list 🙂 or may be a Birthday gift …hehe


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